About us

At your service for over 50 years

  • 1960 the first Taxi roof sign built by Salvatore Spampinato’s ‘Serig’ was created
  • 1970 Spampinato began a new experience in the area of fibreglass manufacturing, creating moulds and dies, and operating in the fields of sailing and cars and in the education sector
  • 1980 Spampinato became a leader in Italy in the production and sale of Taxi roof signs including customisable models
  • 1994 Spampinato S.n.c. was set up by Gianfranco, Marco and Davide
  • 2005 The 300 Speed Taxi roof sign was created
  • 2012 the sign with free/busy signaling led was born
  • 2018 the new self-powered sign is born
  • 2022 the line of accessories and design is born

Spampinato exports to 46 countries and is present on 5 continents.

Giovanni Spampinato driving his taxi in Tunis
The founder of Spampinato at the beginning of the century
Detail of a sign from 1960